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Omnisign Plus PRO F2B Fiber Laser Engraving/Marking Machine

Omnisign Plus PRO F2B 20W
Fiber Computerised Laser Engraving/Marking Machine

High Performance Laser Engraving/Marking Machine that is designed to professionally mark onto almost any metal (including steel, stainless steel, copper, titanium, etc.) and many other materials (including plastic, resin, ceramic, rubber, etc.) in high precision.

This is an industrial-grade machine with high precision, speed, performance, and reliability at very low price!
You would expect to pay over $60,000 for a similar machine in stores.

Turn your creative design into reality with this powerful machine!

DSP (Digital Signal Processing) Controlling Machine
High Precision, High Speed, High Reliability Machine
Powerful 20 Watts Fiber Laser Power (Lifespan: Over 100,000 hours)
Super Fast Marking Speed
Adjustable Power and Speed, that can be controlled independently
Handheld Laser Unit (Laser unit can be easily separated from machine's body)
Height-Adjustable Work Table
Maintenance Free Machine
High Data Transmission Ratio
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