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Creation KINGCUT PRO II 730mm Vinyl Cutter

Australia's cheapest high-quality vinyl sign cutting machine. Guaranteed! Or your money back in full*

Creation KINGCUT PRO II 730mm
High-Quality Vinyl Sign Cutting Machine
(Windows XP Only Compatible)

730mm Maximum Media Width, 630mm Maximum Cutting Width
(Smaller sizes, as little as 50mm width, of vinyl rolls/sheets can also be used. Never waste a piece)

An entry level sign cutting machine that can produce any sign, from a bumper sticker to a billboard!
Start making money with this easy to operate machine!

Turn your creative design into reality with this machine!

What Can You Do With This Machine?
Cuts Vinyl Signs
Cuts Vinyl to Make Stickers
Cuts Stencils
Cuts T-Shirt Iron-On Transfer
Many more..

Professional-Quality Cutter and Drawing Plotter in 1 machine
730mm Max Media Width, 630mm Max Cutting Width (smaller sizes of vinyl rolls/sheets can also be used)
High Quality and High Precision
Unlike most other low-priced machines, this machine is capable of cutting extremely small characters, logos, etc. smoothly, and it also has excellent tracking capabilities (this is the machine's ability to finish at its starting point when cutting a large logo or font)
High Reliability
Max cutting speed: 400mm/s (you can set as required)
Handles a wide range of media types
Max cutting force: 500g (you can set as required)
LCD Display
User-friendly control panel
Speed control
Pressure control
Free origin control
Stable paper feeding system: double media holders with bearing handling system
Precision and long-lasting roller goes right across the cutter width
Special heavy-duty blade holder designed for high precision cutting
Limit sensor
USB and Serial ports

Plotter control menu display: Overhead 2" X 8" LCD, 13-button control panel
Motor control: Main shaft, double high torsional micro-step
Maximum cutting width: 630mm
Maximum vinyl width: 730mm
Max cutting speed (Axial): 400mm/sec
Max cutting film thickness: 1mm
Programmable cutting speeds: 1 to 400 mm/sec, specifiable in 12 steps
Cutting force: 0 to 500grams, adjustable through control panel
Minimum character matrix: Approx 5mm high
(Alpha-numeric characters, varies with the film and font)
Mechanical precision: 0.05mm
Repeatable precision: <+-0.1mm
Blade type: Hard alloy steel blade
Pen types: 11.4mm diameter standard plot pen and poster pen
Interface: USB and Serial
Main board: DSP processor
Command set: DM-PL/HP-GL (TM) automatic identification
Power source: AC 240v (Australian household current)
Dimensions (approx): 1030mm(W) x 375mm(D) x 380mm(H)
Weight (approx): 21 kg
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